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As a mostly self-taught full stack developer, I feel that it is my responsibility to give back to the open source community. It is crucial for me, as a professional in the field, to be able to contribute what I have learned with others who share the same enthusiasm. Software development is evolving quickly, and keeping up with all the changes alone can be a full time task. A typical 40 hour work week is often spent doing various tasks: maintaining web services, MVC web applications, building/maintaining Windows services, and utilizing message queue to handle the persistence of different types of logs among multiple applications. My intent with this blog is to take the knowledge I have acquired in the field, and combine it with my background in electronics. I plan on utilizing this blog to publicly publish my visions and open source my ideas as a means to collaborate with the rest of the world. I am looking forward to hearing from you, please feel free to share your thoughts, concepts and opinions. After all, we are all here to learn.

My interest in electronics and software development go back to early childhood. The journey started out as building small battery operated cars and shortwave radios to building circuits on breadboards with curiosity on how different IC’s and other electronic components operate and interact with one another. It was not until early High School when I began my journey developing software. I started with creating small static websites, experimented with VB and slowly found myself moving towards Linux being that this was way before Microsoft offered the express/community editions of their developer tools. For several years, I spent my free time developing PHP web applications in conjunction with MySQL. At this point I was still 100% self taught and decided to obtain a formal education in building software based applications. Early in my college journey I became confident fast, and jumped on the first opportunity I could at the small consulting firm I was employed with at the time. As it turned out, they were a .NET shop and also learned quickly that Microsoft was not the Microsoft it used to be. With that said, I found myself working full time, learning what school thought I should know full time, and learning what I actually needed to know full time. Soon after graduation, I moved to a larger company were I could be part of team developers. This blog is to serve as my contribution back to the world of open source. Never stop learning!

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